Yoshimaru Takahashi Biography
Born 1952, Toyama Prefecture; graduated Design Department of Osaka University of Art; after working in a design company, became independent, and established Kokokumaru in 1984. Since 2002, Takahashi has concurrently been teaching at university. Working with his concept thatgraphic design itself is the culture that speaks of the times, he has been carrying out research into the visual expression of "human warmth" and has been producing works connected with this. Committed to linking design and culture, he participates in exhibition projects, sits on adjudication panels, and gives presentations. He has taken great personal interest in the packaging and publicity of patent medicines,and been involved in exhibitions and publishing on that theme.

Graphic Designer
Art Director
Professor at Osaka University of Art
Dean of Design Department
Professor at Osaka University of Art Graduate School
Principal of Kokokumaru Co.,Ltd

A chairperson of Japan Typography Association Inc.
Member of Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc.
Member of Tokyo Typo Directors Club.
Member of New York Type Directors Club.
Member of Designers Association for Designers Authorities sponsors

Silver Award at New York Art Directors Club.
Distinctive Merit Award at New York Art Directors Club.
Bronze Prize at New York Festival.
Judges Choice at Asia Graphics Awards.
Best Work at Japan Typography Association Annual
The Ministry of International Trade and Industry Prize at The Japan Calendar Exhibition.
Prefecture Education Chief Prize at National Culture Festival in Toyama.
Nomination at Tokyo ADC Award.
Silver and Bronze Prize .Hongkong Design Award

Selected Entries at
International Poster Triennial in Toyama.Warsaw International Poster Biennale in Poland.Brno Biennale of Graphic Design.Lahti Poster Biennale.UNESCO International Poster Exhibition.International Poster Biennale in China.Hongkong.D.A. Award International Poster Exhibition Ningbo.Many examples of his work have been selected for Design Annuals published in Japan and overseas.

Works in Public Collections
Zurich Gestaltung Museum
Museum fü Kunst und Gewerbe,Hamburg
Freunde des Klingspor Museum
Wilanow Poster Museum
Moravska Gestaltung Museum
Lahti City Museum
Colorado State University
Musee de la Publicite
Toyama Modern Art Museum
Suntory Art Museum
Osaka Contemporary Art Center
Osaka Municipal Museum of Modern Art

Authored works
Japanese Erotica in Contemporary Art (planning・design)
PIE International 2014
Nostalgic printed matter museum of the family
mitsumura suiko shoin 2014
china academy of art 2013
Kyoto perpetual Diary (planning・design)
mitsumura suiko shoin 2012
Packaging design of retrospective medicine  
(2011) mitsumura suiko shoin
The Story of Nii and Meme 
(2009) kokokumaru Inc
Emotional Typography 
(2008) ddd gallery
FUZZY Communication 
(2007) Museum fü Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg
Takahashi Yoshimaru Design World  No.1  No.2 No.3
(2001) Kosei Fine Arts Publication (china)
Japanese Traditional Medicine Packageing  No.1  No.2
(2001) Kosei Fine Arts Publication (china)
Medicine Package
(2000)  Morisawa MOTS
Medicine Graffiti
(1998) Korinsha Publication
Yoshimaru(Yoshimaru works book)
(1989) kokokumaru Inc